Thursday, August 16 2018

Rewards Campaign

Rewards Campaign Aiming at the steady growth of our system we are offering rewards at Bitcoin for members who wish to promote our site.

Facebook: Earn 0.0004 BTC for every post you post on Facebook • Make a post that talks about our company and our investment offerings • Your referral link should appear • Your Facebook account must be at least 1 month old and you must have more than 100 friends • Your post should be exposed for at least 5 days • Only 1 post is allowed every 5 days • Your post and audience should have an audience To receive your reward of 0.0004 BTC you must, after posting, send us an email to [email protected] with the link to your publication. We will evaluate your post and make payment after the 5 day period has passed. If you have different accounts, you can make a post for each account.

YouTube: Earn 0.004 BTC for every video you make by reviewing our site • Your video should talk about the company, investment offerings, referral program and bounty program • Your YouTube channel should contain more than 200 subscribers • Your video should have more than 100 views • Your referral link should appear in the video description • Only 1 video is allowed every 5 days and should remain on your channel for at least 7 days In order to receive your reward of 0.004 BTC it is necessary, after the publication of your video, to send us an email to [email protected] with the link of your video. We will evaluate your video and make payment after the 5-day period.

Telegram: Earn rewards in Bitcoin for showing our website on the Telegram.

Post on the channel: •100 - 1000 viewings - 0.0004 BTC •1001 - 3000 viewings - 0.0006 BTC •3001 viewings above - 0.0008 BTC

Fixing of a post in group: •100 - 2000 participants - 0.0004 BTC •2001 participants and more - 0.0006 BTC •Your post must contain info about the company and its investment offer. •Add your referral link in a post. •You have to be an administrator of group or the channel. •You have to have not less than 200 subscribers on the channel. •In group there have to be not less than 100 members. The group has to be active and contain daily discussions. •Spam isn’t allowed. (You aren’t an administrator). •Deleting of a post before 48 hours is forbidden. To receive your rewards send us an email to [email protected]

Thursday, July 26 2018

Deposits in Cryptocurrencies


In order to prevent our members from losing market value with cryptocurrency deposits, we created the fixed rate. This means that if you deposited in a certain amount in BTC, you will receive the predetermined amount at the beginning of your deposit. This way helps to keep the system healthy and also prevents loss of limbs by the oscillations of cryptocurrencies. 1 Bitcoin = $10,000 | 1 Ethereum= $600 | 1 Bitcoin Cash = $1,040 | 1 Litecoin = $110 | 1 Dash = $340. If you have questions about this, please contact us through one of our channels of communication.

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